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the wily visual sharing meme

Posted in animals do the web, culture & media design on August 13, 2009 by visualraccoon

Raccoon Medicine: in Cherokee, gvli nvwati; Meaning: “Generosity, Sharing, Provide” (Animal Medicine)

a high bar, we’ll see …

“The wily raccoon appears often in Native American myths and displays many characteristics of a trickster.” (Handbook of Native American Mythology)

hey, gotta have some fun too, right?



0. All-Devouring. From Latin: Omni, all, everything; Vorare (infinitive), to devour

1. Opportunistic visual feeder not specifically adapted to eat and digest either text or graphic material exclusively.

2. Having an interest in a variety of subjects

3. O.M. Nivore (aka Originale Medià Nivoré, traditional Creole family name)

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