Space Palette — A New Instrument for Music and Visuals

Space Palette performance at STEIM in Amsterdam April 2012

Conceptual Overview of how hand motions in the holes control music and graphics*

Full disclosure:

The original idea and intial sketch for the oval space frame design by the raccoon.

This is only a fan page; the official Space Palette home page is (natch’)

“Space Palette” is a trademark of Nosuch Media

Video from House Concert, San Jose, Feb 2012

Space Palette at Sea of Dreams, New Years 2012

The well-lit SP relaxing at home

For Tim, performing on the SP is the next best thing to watching others enjoy it (photographed by Rachael Torres).

*NOTE: The control diagram is only conceptual, to give a general idea of correlation between hand motions and music/graphics output. For example, in the current instantiation, graphics controls are overlaid onto the major music controls, so that one hand motion in a large hole will generate both music and graphics.


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