LoopyCam is a visual performance instrument designed for improvisation.*

But the improvisation is of a very unusual kind — it is improviation of context not content. The content is taken from the immediate environment by the loopycam artist and then re-presented on a large video screen in front of the audience.

In that re-presentation, the LoopyCam artist modifies the video image in realtime using the vocabulary of both cinematography and video editing. This combination makes available traditional effects like cut, pan, and zoom — plus many other effects unique to the LoopyCam. For instance, moving, resizing, and overlapping of mulitple constantly-looping video clips (hence, LoopyCam).

And, these improvised modifications are often done in time to the music — that is, they can be done so quickly as to keep the beat.

Or as Tim puts it, “The low latency of LoopyCam allows the artist to align visual transitions and loop lengths with the music, and also with the movement of dancers.” **

Tim sits stage front to capture and re-present the action at SubZERO 2010.

Conceptual Overview of the major LoopyCam controls***


Tim on LoopyCam accompanying Rick and Bill Walker
at the SubZERO 2010 Looping Lounge

Leslie jams with Tim for the justly famous paper crumpling riff

Technical details http://loopycam.com


Live drawing can also be a source of environmental content for LoopyCam.

*Yeah, I know — all visual instruments should be so designed, right?! Yet in fact very few are <sigh>.

Tim would want me to tell you that the instrument pictured above is in fact LoopyCam1 and that there is now a new improved LoopyCam2, see http://loopycam.com .

** Tim goes on to explain, “The low operational latency (the time between pressing control buttons and seeing their visual effect) allows the artist to precisely control visual transitions and loop lengths in order to match the timing of the music.”

*** NOTE: This controls diagram is only conceptual , to give a general idea of operating LoopyCam. The diagram shows a subset of the approximately 30 moves available, and Tim would probably disagree that the ones I have shown are “major.”


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